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Is it possible to book glass Igloo in Rovaniemi?

Yes, it is possible. The most important thing is booking your Lapland Holiday a head and ensure your hotel and Igloo accommodation. But sometimes it happens that you may decide as last minute, or you may not know your holiday date. It is also high risk that you may not find them available even you book try to book them months ago. But i have to say that even last-minute Glass Igloo accommodation is possible. You should just know the right place to look for it. 

How you can book a Lapland Holiday package or Glass Igloo Accommodation?

Simple you should just reach us. You can first check our online booking system by choosing your date, if you can not see it there reaching us via e mail, phone call or WhatsApp massaging. We need to know your holiday date, number of travellers, age of kids, if there is and number of nights you are looking for. 

  • breakfast
  • food & drinks
  • airport transfers
  • personal expenses

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