The Rock Church ( Temppeliaukio )


     This church had been waited by neighbourhood  residents over 60 years. Plan of building a church had been interrupted by winter war and several other reasons. Finally two brother architects Timo and Tuoma Suomalainen had been chosen to build it. But their architectural define was very different and un seen in Finland before. It was building the church in to the local rock. Many people started a rally against their attempt. Some wanted to have a traditional church building, some claimed that it is too expensive to build in to the rock. But when they Finnish their work in 1969 the first year building visited over 100.000 people and next year half million, since than it is one of the top tourist attraction of Helsinki. Hundreds of architectural articles worldwide were written about this church and it became one of the top tourist attraction in Helsinki.

  Church of the Heklsinki Temppeliaukio

     Why Helsinki The Rock Church is so popular?

     Simply because of its unique design. After visitors pass simple concrete entry and arrive to interior the world around them change by natural granite walls of church and copper dome over on them. Some parts of the rock walls reach up to 9 meters and right above them there is an area covered with glass for natural lighting before copper dome starts.

.Helsinki The Rock Church  Church of the Temple of Temppeliaukio

     This copper dome also designed by architects of church and build by copper wires in natural colour of it.Interior arrangement of building mostly done by architect brothers but the crucifix, organ and textiles designed by Finnish designers. 

With the begging of 2017 entrance fee is started to change for visitors. It still operates as church and concert hall, but to cover maintaining expenses of church the decision is done last year.

How much the entrance fee to Helsinki The Rock Church? 

It costs 3 € per person to visit The Rock Church. And payment can be done as cash or by card. There is free entry for kids up to 16 years old. 

Tour of Helsinki The Rock Church by a Helsinki Local Guide