The Best Day Trips From Helsinki

 What Are The Best Day Trips From Helsinki?

      Helsinki deffinetly offers tons of things to see and do all year around. But for visitors of city we recommend some easy and interesting day trips within short distance. In this article we mationed three beautiful sights less than an hour drive and low cost day excursion options while you visit Finand. 


Porvoo; feel of a charming Finnish town


      Many travellers to Finland expect to see colourful wooden architecture and calm green nature or  seasonly peaceful white snow view. In Finland cities are well planned and rich by green areas. But picturesque Finnish landscape better to experience in smaller cities and towns. Porvoo is one the best place to experience that. It is only 53 km ( 32 miles) from Helsinki and with private car it takes shorter than one hour to drive there. There are also busses run between Helsinki and Porvoo  with very often time schedule. 
Porvoo Church Finland
       Porvoo offers great picture opportunities to travellers with beautiful wooden houses, riverside storage buildings, boutique shops, cafés, and medieval church. Surely a full day and more can be spend in Porvoo without getting bored. Peaceful atmosphere and friendly welcome of locals makes visitors feel very comfortable and enjoy their time. At Porvoo it is also possible to taste good Finnish dishes beside good quality modern international food. Cafés at Porvoo are must to try after your walk at shopping  street and town square for cup of coffee with sweet local pastry pulla. 
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Porvoo Day Trip From Helsinki


Hämeenlinna; medieval castle and Sibelius

Hämeenlinna Castle 
      This town is more know by pictures of medieval castle that used very often on travel brochures and websites about Finland. Häme castle is dated back to 14th century and located next to river Vanajavesi. Today it is right in the heart of the town and top tourist attraction of Hämeenlinna. It is serving as a museum today. 
      This small Finnish town is about an hour and fifteen minutes ( 100 km)  drive from Helsinki and fifty minutes ( 75 km ) from city Tampere. Located on main round between those two big cities. Hämenlinna attracts many local and foreign visitors all year around. Häme castle, Sebelius's house, Iittala glass museum and Military museum are some of the main tourist attractions in the town, but town itself is charming and enjoyable place. 
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 Hämeenlinna Day Trip From Helsinki


Espoo; countryside living in a truly modern city

 Espoo city, Nokia Company
      It is located right next to Helsinki which is the most populated city of Finland. Second most populated ( roughly a quarter of million ) city of country is Espoo. It is a truly modern city with full social and industrial establishments. Access to Espoo from Helsinki is very easy by public transportation such as train and city buses. If you pick city bus it is enjoyable 30-40 minutes ride trough lakes and island beside urban areas. If you buy ticket in the bus or train it will cost 3.20 €, cheaper option is text message or day pass. 
      There is the center of Espoo but not much to see there. Because Espoo designed as a project after Second World War for housing people who left their lands and houses in eastern Finland after Russian occupation. At the project grid plan totally skipped and the city was built  nature friendly with large green areas. Tapiola is the first designed neighbourhood in that concept. However, today Espoo know by its technology companies such as Nokia, Microsoft mobiles, Kone and of course Rovio which is creator of Angry Birds
Espoo city WeeGee Museum Center
     What to see in Esboo for visitors?
      The answer is Medieval Espoo cathedral and museums; Weegee Museum Center, The Gallen - Kallela Museum and Automobile museum. The Cathedral is located not far from modern city center. Oldest parts of building is dating back to 15th century and local medieval architectural piece. WeeGee museum Center is housing five different museums; Finnish Museum of Horology, Finnish Toy museum, Espoo city museum, Futuro House and Espoo Modern Art Museum ( EMMA). This sight is easily a half day attraction and very kid friendly museums which are offering interesting things for young visitors. 
In Espoo, depends their interest visitor may allso find Aalto University campus, Tapiola and Westend neighbourhoods worth visiting too. 
Espoo Cathedral
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