Porvoo information

Porvoo information


     Porvoo is a small historical town where about 50.000 people live. It is located on sought cost of Finland, on the shore of Gulf of Finland. This is claim to be the second oldest town of Finland. But surely it is one of the six medieval cities in the country. Recently it host thousands of visitors who would like to see its historical architecture and peaceful environment. 
     As early as 14th century this town is mentioned on historical records. After Turku Porvoo received rights of a town itself. Than Porvoo castle started to be constructed after Swedish King visited the town. As administration central of region and important harbour which is located on shore of Gulf of Finland for goods brought from inner lands made it rich and multicultural sight in medieval times. 
In 18th century city suffered badly by a fire and lost a big portion of old town. Immediately Porvoo was reconstructed and recovered its lost. In that time famous riverside wooden storages built and started to paint red ochre colour. 
     Porvoo river was a good and easy way to bring goods from inland to harbour in this city. Southern coastal area of Finland was one of the earliest Swedish settlements in Finland. Swedish, Finnish and trader Germans used to live in this coastal city. Harbour of Porvoo was often visited by Swedish and German traders to bring and take goods. Mouth of Porvoo river offers a calm and safe stop for ships. That's why river side had storehouses constructed and served to traders. Today trade ships are far large to fit Porvoo river harbour but this city still attracts many important Finnish industry to invest such as petroleum and energy.

What to see in Porvoo?

Tourist attraction in Porvoo

     Today's Porvoo is highly well reputed as one of the must see tourist attraction in Finland. It is only 50 km away from Helsinki and this make it easy for travellers to come for a day excursion. Enjoyable old town, cathedral, riverside wooden storage buildings, Porvoo art museum, Porvoo city museum and Doll & toy museum are top tourist attractions. For photographers there is great chance to have colourful Finnish wooden architecture photography in this town. In any season it offers beautiful scenery of tranquility.

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