Helsinki Top 10 Tourist Atractions

Helsinki Top 10 Tourist Attractions

     Helsinki, the capital city of Finland has many interesting and worth visiting sights. Old part of city with neo-classical buildings from 19th century, churches, old market buildings, beautiful parks and botanical gardens, saunas, malls, art galleries, rich museums and modern iconic buildings are all attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors all year around. We created this Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Helsinki list to give some idea and information about our fascinating city. We wish you all enjoy reading it and share with others.

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What are the Helsinki top attractions? 

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     There are much larger and older churches in Helsinki, but the Rock Church is a special house of worship designed by Suomalainen architect brothers. In 1960 their idea to build a church inside a rock was very radical concept even for Finland. Thanks god the campaign agains construction of this unique church could not succeed. Today it attracts thousands of visitors and it deserves to be number one tourist attraction in our list.

1-) Helsinki Rock Church

     If you like to know what Finnish food taste like this is a great place to see, smell and try it. Late 19th century it was build to offer indoor and organised market for vendors and later inspired many other new market buildings in Finland. Before last restoration and arrangement it hosted shops and cheep pubs. But now it has many nice shops offers Finnish and international good quality food to visitors. Delicious meat products, large variety of cheeses, fresh bread and much more to try in this covered bazaar.

Helsinki Old Market building

     National museum is a great start to understand Finland and its past. Large collection of museum arranged in a chronological order starts from stone ages to Swedish period than Russian rule to independence and industrial improvement of Finland in the beginning of 20th century. Museum building is a piece of romantic nationalist architecture. Even building itself worth  seeing.

Finland National Museum

     White, big and peaceful. This is Helsinki cathedral which dominates almost all pictures of old town. It is located on one side of The Senate Square which surrounded by government hall, Helsinki University campus and other historical buildings of city. The square and cathedral is connected by high steps which are believed to be steepest steps of northern  Europe. Well not sure about it! but surely those steps are one of favourite spot for many young Finnish in sunny summer days to gather and chat with their friends. German born architect Carl L. Engel designed the cathedral as part of his Neoclassical city Center in mid 19th century. Don't miss to have look at the roof to see zinc 3 m high sculptures of 12 apostles. 

Helsinki Cathedral

     We can call it as "temple of Finnish art". Paintings of the most famous Finnish artists as well as Finnish sculpture examples can be seen in this museum. Art works varied  in collection as early as 17th century from beginning of national art to romantic nationalism of Finland, art pieces of  Finnish painters such as Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Albert Edelfelt, Hugo Simberg and Helene Schjerfbeck not to miss when you are in the city.  Neoclassic architecture of it, great collection and interesting  exhibitions of this museum make it a must to see.

Helsinki Ateneum Museum


     It was the time of Russian Tsars and Finland was part of Russian empire. Although there was not a huge population of orthodox christians Uspenski cathedral was ordered to be build by Russian Tsar. Construction was done in 1868 and it became one of architecture landmark of city with red brick walls and onion domes. Today Orthodox Church officially recognised  religious group of Finland and this is central church in the country.

Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral

     Helsinki is city of parks and green areas. But one of the historical and central located special park is Esplanade ( Esplanadi in Finnish). It starts from old harbour and market square up to Swedish Theatre. On northern side the park is hosting boutiques and design shops as well as nice cafes and hotels. Inside the park there are historical sculptures and statutes related to Finnish history and cultural  richness. Walking trough this historical park and having a break in Cafe Esplanad or Kappeli Restaurant is a must to experience to feel like a local.

Helsinki Esplanade Park

     One of the top subject people talk about Finland is Finnish design. What is special about Finnish design that from wood to glass, from ceramic to architecture Finnish are famous all around world? Answers of your questions about Finnish design and Finnish designers are in this museum. They have several locations beside central building in Korkeavuorenkatu 23, Helsinki. They have interesting exhibition all year around and if it fits to your time, design workshops may be exiting in the museum during your visit to city. 

Helsinki Design Museum

     Library lovers this can be one of your favourite place in Finland. Architect L. Engel build it in neoclassical style as Helsinki University library. Today it is serving as Finland National Library. It is located eastern side of Helsinki cathedral and open to visitors. Entry hall has beautiful frescos and do not miss to enter side halls of it. You will see people reading, studying and digitalising books but as far as you don't disturb you are free to walk around.


     Known by people as chapel of Silence but officially called Kamppi chapel. It located next to Kamppi shopping mall where is one of the busiest place of Helsinki. For a short break from rush of daily life in this small temple worth experience it. Prize won unexpected architecture of building impress people from out side and inside. Interior wooden decoration and natural light trough ceiling offers peaceful moment.

Helsinki Chapel of Silence